Monthly Archives: January 2017

This new year I will have the most adventurous and happy time period in my life begin. I will start by selling an energy transpositional device that will negate the perceived needs for batteries, combustion fuels, nuclear ambitions, and the resourcing that need certain conditions to work. Mine does not once set it is perpetual, without friction, mantience nor lack.


My Nativity Scenes

St. Francis of Assisi created the first staging of the nativity in 1223 in Greccio, a small town in central Italy.In the 1290s the church of Santa Maria Maior in Rome was renovated and installed there the Chapel of the Crib, which housed a carved group representing the birth of Jesus.In the Neapolitan monastery of San Giovanni, Carbonara, the first crib with large wooden figures was made in 1484, with the angels, the shepherds and the Magi appearing beside the Nativity.In the cover photo is a scene of the Nativity made with corn’s straw from an artisan from Minas Gerais – Brazil. In this scene, the Nativity was mounted by me on a gourd. This decorative candle, I made it in cardboard and plaster and the flame was made in the form of the Nativity. This nativity miniature scene was made by artisans in the Brazilian northeast and composes my collection.

Source: My Nativity Scenes